December 7 2017

Tabletop & PC Gamers both, Take Notice at Amazon Today!

Most of the time the Amazon deal’s of the day bore me. Every once in a while they do one that makes me take notice.

Today they decided to take money from gamers, and didn’t want to discriminate between the Tabletop and the Videogamer, from what I can see!

First off a large selection of Tabletop games at %40 off.

Id like to spotlight a couple of recommendations, including one for my Shroud of the Avatar Readers! [pullquote]including one for my Shroud of the Avatar Readers[/pullquote]

Not everyone from the Shroud of the Avatar community was around this long, and I doubt many will remember the videos from the first Kickstarter days! During one of the videos of the early Kickstarter days the Dev team played this game, although perhaps not this version of it! I also carry “Are you a Werewolf” with me at convention booths when I vend for, it’s a great game!

Takes a lot of people, but is fun, easy to do, and great for social gatherings. Try it at your next party! Now there’s an interesting tidbit about this. When the Dev’s where playing this, at one point Richard made a statement. Something about that statement, and dozens of other things that I knew about him, history, his game making, game interests, etc, all clicked, and it gave me a HUGE insight into the “super secret story” twists planned for Shroud!

I later had a chance to ask Richard about it, and I was fairly dead on. However as time has moved on, a lot of those plans have changed I know based on community feedback and game development. Unfortunately, since I still don’t know what peripherals of that story idea they plan on keeping are, I’ll continue to keep my promises about keeping my mouth shut about my guesses. It won’t be long until I can say what my original guesses where, and what some of the thoughts and Ideas had originally been talked about.

I have not personally played the board game version of this, but being the gamer I am my life is surrounded by both gamers and game developers, and I have heard nothing but good things from all of them!

It certainly looks awesome, and I know I have played the mobile game on IOS of the same theme, extensively. Grr.. in fact I see that happening again real soon now!

If you’re not familiar with the theme/title, you should be. It’s certainly been done in a lot of mediums!

Yay Cheap Ass Games! For those not familiar with Cheap Ass Games, that’s exactly what they did. They made Cheap Ass games, that you get the bare minimums really cheap to play a basic game.

Now personally, I prefer to pay more for my games, get cool things with it, and more importantly help support those developers in their industry!

I’m not the only person that feels that way and that’s why Cheap Ass Games took some of their more popular games and made nicer editions of them. This being one!

I haven’t played this in a while, but I do have their original version in my game room. A good friend of mine once gave me a present of a bunch of their games, in a nice binder, with cool accessories he put together shopping himself. A lot of good times have been had from that gift! Great Present!

WOW! This game has come a long way! I remnemebr when it first came out, and in fact I still have my first edition in the tiny little box it came in. I think I got the first expansion after that, which came with another 100 zombies or some such.

While I stopped investing into the game (which I am sure would not have been the case if I still gamed as much as I was once able to do), I have friends that have continued to pick up a lot of the expansions and things of that nature.

Bottom line, You will not go wrong with this game!!

If you want to make that gamer’s in your life Christmas this year, GET THIS! Open Gifts early, gather the family around and have an amazing day. Take a break for lunch and keep going, as no one is going to want to leave!

For you PC Gamers, they have some high end Gaming hardware up for sale today also!

I have no strong reccomendations in this section, as I can’t reccomend equipment I have not used, and nothing in here is my exact equipment. For the most part my hardware is better (It’s amazing that a build I did 3 years ago has held its value as long as it has!), or the upgrade vs. cost just is not worth it!

If I had money just laying around though, this caught my attention and would be a nice upgrade. Id want to upgrade from my DDR3 ram to DDR4 with it though.

I’m REALLY surprised by the lack of any Video Cards in that selection today! On the other hand, a good thing, as that’s where I really need to do an upgrade! At the moment I can only window shop!

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August 14 2017

Shroud of the Avatar AND It’s Players, Communities, and Developers in the News

This is one of my summary pieces, in which I point you out to various things that may be note worthy if you missed it over the last month or so!

Ultima fans, as well as Shroud of the Avatar fans, will definitely want to check out this article! I found it a thoroughly enjoyable read.
Learning morality through gaming | Life and style | The Guardian

If you play Shroud of the Avatar, there is an upcoming Crafting event you may want to take a look at.
BMC Crafting Fair – August 19, 2017 – Black Rock Cove – Garrison Road Bazaar | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

Not currently a player? Give it a try for free!!
Free Trial to Run From August 9- 30th – Shroud of the Avatar –

Other things of note:

Shroud Of The Avatar Team Talks Forests And Post-Episode Content | MMOExaminer

CoinReport NEVERDIE announces details for interoperable Teleport Token – CoinReport

Shroud Of The Avatar Update Highlights New City Polish and Armor | MMOExaminer

Take a break from all those articles and reading, and listen to something new from one of our community members, Dan Span!

Go Back to reading now…

BioWare Montreal Closes: Will EA kill this brand like it has these? Part 1: Origin and Westwood

Travian Games to publish Richard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar |

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March 18 2017

Ultima Auction Spotlight – U9 Map and Cards, U1, and a U3

This Ultima IX is far from being complete, given its only a map, the cards, and the books. On the flips side, $17.00 with free shipping for a map and cards is a great buy!

Ultima IX Ascension Cloth Map, 2 Books, Cards | eBay

Hi bid on an Ultima III is currently only at $12.50. Makes me wish I had a little spare cash right now!


Even an Ultima I without coins is better then no Ultima I. An Ultima I without coins that has two days left and high bid is at $13.00? Sounds like one to pay attention to.

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December 11 2016

Geeks Cooking With Video Games, TV, Movies, and Books

A friend of mine has this concept that I think is cool, and was the first time I had ever heard of anything like it. Basically to take all the foods presented in a video game or series of video games, and making real life versions of those recipes as close to the games as possible. Put those all together into a cookbook and how cool is that?

In fact, he has a Patreon in place for just that thing. Goes by The Hearth of Britannia and you can check it out here if you are interested in the project. It revolves around the Ultima game series.

So when I saw a World of Warcraft Cookbook come across my radar, I was rather surprised! Then out of curiosity poked around on Amazon a bit. The following images link to Amazon (me being an affiliate and all that), but it’s a selection of what I would call “Geek Cookbooks”!

I am an “ok” cook (some people say I am good, I disagree). I don’t enjoy cooking, and so cookbooks have never been my thing. I’ve had plans to buy the Ultima cookbook of course, because, that’s Epic. If I was ever going to buy any others, here’s my selection!

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September 14 2016

Staying Caught Up With Shoud of the Avatar

Hopefully, it will not be much longer until I am caught up with everything I do in my life, once again. So that you know, Shroud of the Avatar is partly to blame for that, and I love every minute of my game time! Just wish I could take more!

If you missed the Postmortem, pull up a chair and take a peek!

Published on Sep 9, 2016
Watch as the team chats about Release 33 and looks ahead to Release 34. We also answered many player questions, and gave out awesome prizes during the livestream.

Gamezone published an interview with Richard Garriott that you will not want to miss! Titled “An interview with Richard Garriott: How Shroud of the Avatar is looking to change RPGs” by Tom Caswell it is a great interview but be warned, it is also long!

This guy coined the term MMORPG, so it was a delight to sit down with him and pick his brain on his past and future, both of which proved to be equally fascinating.

Go check it out here

Markee Dragon continues to roll out great videos that will help you out with your gaming needs!


If Discord is your thing then this may interest you.

SoTA Speak is a Discord Server set up to provide players with a centralized, interactive, non-private, region-specific voice chatting system to promote community interaction.

Go read the whole article over here!

August 19 2016

More Tools for Shroud of The Avatar Players – Part Four

Let’s see if I can wrap this series up this time, eh?

First, grab a bag of popcorn and catch another show from Markee!


Not a tool, but also not a piece I wanted to do its own article on. What would have happened if Shroud of the Avatar had not been crowd-funded? Now that it has, is it possible in the future it may be part of a larger company, other then Portalarium?

Richard Garriott talks a little bit about this with “MC Computer and video Games” . Here’s the link.

Umuri has put out a HUD!

Umuri's SOTA HUD

I am EXTREMELY excited about this. Not this particular utility in particular as at this time, I do not have an interest in the things it is doing. That is just because right now (and could change later), I am not too worried about the things it offers. Regardless it is going to appeal to a lot in a major way!! My personal excitement is that where there is one, more will follow.

I look forward to seeing what additional utilities similar to this, but offering different things and features, the Shroud of the Community will be creating!

Here is a snippet from the post on the forums:

Hello and welcome to the first public release of Umuri’s SOTA HUD.

A clean viewable interface for the /stats command, no more looking at a wall of text that’s hard to read!
Combat statistics, see how much you hurt something for, what the average damage is, and how high your crits are!
Crafting statistics, see your salvage rates!
Skillgains and logon/logoff timestamps. Did that person really log off an hour ago or was it just 10 minutes ago when you weren’t looking?
Chat tab that lasts more than 5 minutes of history!
Ability to view previous days logs, to pull historical stats
Opacity and on-top mode! Now you can have that second chat window you always dreamed about
Exporting of parsed stats/chatlogs to CSV format
Much much more!

There is a lot more information on this, though, so get over and check it out! Tell em I sent you!

Need help getting started in Shroud of the Avatar? If you do and if you are a video person, then Lace’s Tutorial Video’s are the answer for you!

This link will take you to a Youtube playlist of (currently) 33 videos!

Here is a link to the thread in the Shroud of the Avatar forums if you want to stay up to date and discuss things.

Color-coded overview of Land Selection order and info

Balec’s description on what this is, is so much better then any comments then I could make that I am just going to quote it.

A one page color-coded overview of the staggered land rush schedule for your browsing and convenience. In spreadsheet form.

Here’s the forum thread!

August 17 2016

Lot of Player Tools for Shroud of the Avatar – Part 2

So, that last large list I did, was not very large in my opinion. Unfortunately, I had run out of time and rather risk the post sitting as a draft for days, got out what I could.

Will there be a part three? I still have an extensive list to get out to you.. whether or not there will be a part three depends on how far I get this time, so let’s get on with it!


Own a player own town? Need a list of them? Trying to find a specific one maybe?

Berek is getting a new and updated list together on the forums that may fit your needs. If you are a town owner, please be sure to supply your city info!


Own a shop or looking for one to purchase from?

Womby and Vyrin of the Caverns Guild have you taken care of yet once again!!!

[pullquote]Announcing: The New Brittania Yellow Pages[/pullquote]

Womby and Vyrin are now accepting entries for the upcoming first issue of the Yellow Pages at their bookstores in Central Brittany and Aerie.

The Yellow Pages is a business directory aimed at helping people find your business.

There is no charge for including your business in the Yellow Pages, and copies of the Yellow Pages will be made available to everyone at the two bookstores for only 2g each.

Submissions should be placed in the appropriate container in either of the bookstores, and should include the following information:

Name: Name of establishment
Location: Name of City/Town/Village/POT, and location therein
Property Owner: This will enable people to set a compass bearing at the Town Crier
Sells: One line description of items sold


Name: Vyrin and Womby’s Bookstore.
Location: Aerie. Turn right when you reach the well. First building on your right.
Property Owner: Vyrin
Sells: Books (including rare limited editions); copies of the Yellow Pages.

Here’s the link to the post in the forums and be sure to tell them Stile sent you! You know… so they know I do something?

Here is a link to their post in the forums, be sure to tell them Stile sent you!

Markee Dragon continues to publish content as he plays and explores Shroud of the Avatar. Here are some additional videos he has put out I had not shown you yet!

Ok, thats all I have time for tonight if I want to grab an hour or two of game time myself! Yes, there will be a part 3, as I continue to chip away at all the goodies I saved to share with you!

August 5 2016

Ultima and Wing Commander Auction Spotlight – Action Figures, U1, and UO Map

I enjoy Wing Commander but my collector’s interest is limited to the console cartridges as I collect retro console gaming. These are pretty cool though and I wouldn’t mind them hanging on one of my walls. So when I saw them, thought I would pass them along.

1999 Wing Commander Action Figure

Ultima 1981 Lord British 5.25 Diskette Progame California Pacific Apple II Game

Look at the photo. Look at the description. Do I really need to explain what this is? *drools* I want one!

Ultima 1981 Lord British 5.25" Diskette Progame California Pacific Apple II Game

CLOTH Ultima Online Map

Even though I just recently did a map piece, I saw this going for a $10.00 minnimum bid with low shipping and decided I HAD to pass it along. No pin with it, just the map. Great bargain though!

CLOTH Ultima Online Map

July 26 2016

Shroud of the Avatar is Picking Up In the News – Even PC Gamer!

It’s good to see the gaming news that is popping up all over regarding the upcoming final wipe of Shroud of the Avatar. I have been seeing more and more articles popping up all over the net of late but given how rarely PC Gamer covers the game I took note when I saw they had done a new article.

It’s been awhile since we last talked about Shroud of the Avatar, the crowdfunded, Early-Accessed MMO that Richard “Lord British” Garriott unveiled to the world back in 2013.

You can read the full article here:

Gamasutra also just published a press release on this as well.