July 5 2017

Jeff Dee Now On Patreon

If you’re a gamer, the name will most likely be familiar to you.

If not the first paragraph of his Patreon overview should get your attention!

Hi! I’ve been a professional fantasy, SF, and superhero artist for over 40 years, starting as a freelancer for TSR Hobbies (the original publishers of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game) way back in 1977. I’ve also worked in comics and computer games, and I’ve even done a little concept art for the motion picture industry.

If you have an interest in his art and the industry, you might want to hop over and check that out. I chipped in, didn’t want to miss out!

Jeff Dee is creating Fantasy, Science Fiction and Superhero Illustration | Patreon

Interesting side story. Well, most likely not really but I am going to share it anyway. I was vending at Inconjunction this last weekend and needed to Facebook add a friend whose first name is Jeff and the last name is definitely not Dee. Yet for some reason every time I kept trying to remember his last name, I kept thinking “Dee” and going, No.. Stop that.. Why do I keep thinking Jeff Dee? I can only attribute it to being at a gaming convention ๐Ÿ™‚

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January 19 2017

Shopping with Stinky Goblins – Spotlighting Artistis Making Cool Geek Things

When I was recently setup and selling for my business Caveloot.com, at Midwinter Gaming Convention, I got to meet Heather and Joe of “Stinky Goblin Emporium.” Fantastic people and I spent a lot of time speaking with Joe specifically. Enjoyed my conversations with him and he seemed like a wonderful individual.

They had a wide array of products they were selling, but what had caught my eye the most were 3D sculpted and painted dungeon tiles/scenery. Top quality and each piece were a piece of art as well as a function for your game. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any photos!

Sculpting isn’t there only medium, though, also working with leather, wood, painting, and a multitude of other areas these two are extraordinarily crafty!

Ok, those bookmarks look epic!

So whether you just wouldn’t mind another cool artisan to follow, or if you want to order some cool custom sculpting, leather work, or another cool item, be sure to check them out on Etsy and favorite their page!


If you order from them, please be sure to let them know caveloot.com sent you! They should remember me; they got a decent amount of paper from my cash box out of me while I was there… I, unfortunately, cannot show you the purchase as it is a birthday present for my wife! Don’t want her to see it early!

Wait, I got it!! Hun, if you read this post, don’t click on these spoiler photos! I want people to see what Joe can do on the sculpting front! Everyone else, please hit this spoiler box. It is fantastic!

Full text inside SelectShow

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December 13 2016

Don’t Miss the Legends of Gaming With Dr. Cat!

If you haven’t heard about this, you are really out of touch, and I am honored you’re hearing it from here!

Dr. Cat this upcoming Saturday, the 17th of December is hosting a celebration in the form of a live stream! The celebration of 20 years of Furcadia, the longest running online social graphical game!

I know I certainly am going to do everything in my power to be able to watch this live. Why? Let’s let the event speak for itself!

Dragon’s Eye Productions presents the largest gathering of veteran game designers ever in the history of the world!

Confirmed Guest List so far:
Matt Mihaly (Achaea, Earth Eternal)
Ed Fries (led team that created the Xbox)
Chris Crawford (GDC Founder, Eastern Front, Balance of Power)
David Lubar (Creative Computing, River Raid 2, Frogger 2)
Jason Kopalka (Popcap Games, Storm Crow Gaming Tavern)
Raph Koster (Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies)
Brad McQuaid (Everquest, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes)
Graeme Devine (7th Guest, Quake 3, Magic Leap)
Jennell Jaquays (The Dungeoneer, Judge’s Guild, Coleco, iD)
Rebecca Heineman (Bards Tale III, Tass Times in Tone Town)
Tim Brengle (EA, Accolade, GDC)
John Taylor (Islands of Kesmai, Air Warrior)
David Fox (Maniac Mansion)
Jeff Dee (D&D, Villains & Vigilantes, Sims Castaway Stories)
Bob Bates (Unreal 2, Spellcasting 101, Spiderman 3)
Scott Miller (Max Payne, Duke Nukem 3D, 3D Realms)
Talzhemir (Furcadia co-creator, Cavemaster, Bethorm, Quicksilver)
Randy Farmer (Habitat)
Chip Morningstar (Habitat)
Richard Bartle (MUD, MUD 2)
Robert Clardy (Synergistic Software)
Scott Adams (Adventure International)
The Fat Man (The 7th Guest, 11th Hour)
Dave Rohrl (Plants vs. Zombies)
Dewi Morgan (Doom Editing Utilities, Furcadia)
James Ernest (Cheapass Games, Kill Dr. Lucky)
Ken Peczkowski (Griffon Bookstore, 40 year old public gameroom!)

Maybe list (need to check their schedule, will move to above list when confirmed):
Damion Schubert (Merdian 59, Shadowbane, Star Wars: The Old Republic)
Ken St. Andre (Tunnels & Trolls)
Rick Loomis (Starweb, Nuclear War, Tunnels & Trolls, Ace of Aces)
Lord British (Ultima, Shroud of the Avatar)
John Romero (Doom, Quake)
Brenda Romero (Wizardry, Train)
Tim Schafer (Brutal Legend, Psychonauts)
Eric Goldberg (Paranoia, MadMaze, Tales of the Arabian Nights)

Come join Dr. Cat and co-host Steve Meretzky (of Infocom fame) for a 12-hour live stream on Twitch TV. We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Furcadia, the longest continuously running MMO on the net. There’ll be plenty of great stories from the last forty years of computer game development, as well as RPGs and boardgames!

To fit with this monumental milestone, every game developer we’ve invited has at least 20 years experience making games as well! Come see and hear from the people that built the game industry, in this once in a lifetime, not to be missed event!

We’ll be streaming from Noon PDT to Midnight (that’s 3PM to 3AM Eastern Time) on http://twitch.tv/doctor_cat.

Woa! If that doesn’t do it for you, then nothing else will either!

Again, that is at: http://twitch.tv/doctor_cat.

In the meantime though, this was just posted in the last few days. Interview with Dr. Cat talking about working at Origin Systems! I haven’t had a chance to watch this myself yet, but will be Friday night!

I have read many stories about this topic. From Richard Garriott as well as more then frmo one book I have ready that touches upon gaming history. Will be interesting to hear these stories straight from Dr. Cat!

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July 24 2016

Preparing for a Game Launch

Anytime you have a new video game coming out that you are excited about, and you have invested into; there is bound to be a certain amount of excitement. Possibly even preparation so as to make the most time to enjoy said game as possible.

This, not a launch, Shroud of the Avatar has a significant milestone taking place on July 28th. The last time the game data is deleted (persistent play), and the land rush schedule for pioneers to stake their claims. To me and many others, this is very much a launch even though it’s not a real launch yet. I thought I would share some of my preparations with my readers for consideration, whether they are also preparing for SotA or may find of use in the future.

Demon book

Scheduling time off work, life, and everywhere else you can. With the wipe taking place on the 28th and one of my placement spots being soon after, I have scheduled the 28th and 29th off of work. This gives me an overall four-day gaming weekend to get started with things on, before returning to a schedule.

I have also made my friends and family aware that this will be the majority of my time, and I would appreciate if I am left alone to enjoy *winks*. I am working extra hard and will continue to do so, catching up on as much of my chores, obligations, and other things that could be an interference until the 27th. Unfortunately, I will not be 100% where I want to be and will still lose a little time to obligations, but it will be minimal.

Be sure your gaming area and tech are ready to go. Your environment and tools are critical! Is there any hardware or peripheral upgrades you want to make? Is your area clean with everything in reach? I keep my gaming area immaculate on a regular basis, but some prepare to clean on an occasion. Make sure your all set for your special event!


One of the most important things is not forgetting to stock up on your snacks! Personally, I am not a fan of shopping and try to get as many things by mail as possible. Beyond that, though, if I am going to stock up for an occasion like this I would rather even make that aspect of it more special as well. Get as much enjoyment from my time off and preparations as possible, and keep it simple to do. So I would consider going with a subscription box or four!

Not only will I be playing for those first four days on my long weekend but I will also be working more time for gaming into my schedule for quite some time for a while. Therefore I will make sure I am going to have something on hand to snack on as enjoyment with my game more so than I normally would. Several months of a subscription box gives me a great experience delivered to my door to go with my game.

There are thousands on the market so you can find ones that suit you the most. However here are a few I have reviewed and am willing to recommend as good choices!


I know there will be occasions of play coming up that I will be doing some things that do not require all of my mental attention. Such as harvesting or farming for example. During these periods of times, I like to have some movies going on the TV. Maybe you should start preparing a watchlist now if you do the same thing, so that come game time you are not spending your time figuring out what to watch? Here are some recommendations!

Clicking on the image will take you to more details on Amazon.

July 8 2016

Watching Movies With Stile From Your Man Cave

Ok, looking for some more Movies to watch this weekend? Here’s a quick run-down of some stuff I have fielded for you over the week this week. Click the images to go the Amazon link.

Make no mistake; Grizzly IS a 1976 movie, and you will notice this immediately. The nice long intro with twangy music and pretty rivers is a great indicator! If you put yourself back to the time, though, and an era of such movies, I found it enjoyable. Sort of like Jaws in the woods!

I did not particularly enjoy the Eye2 myself, just found it lacking for some reason. It is fairly popular in some circles though so you may want to put it on your list.

The Finest Hour was fantastic. The acting, writing, directing, and effects were all above the top coming together to make a fantastic movie about a great historical event.

Skyline had me at “Arthur C. Clarke”. I grew up an avid fan of the true Sci-Fi greats and devoured everything by them, Arthur C. Clarke included. So I am well familiar with his work and was curious to see how it correlated to the work being done in this field. If I think about it sometimes, I need to ask Richard Garriott what he thinks about the Space Elevator projects that have been explored.

More than likely you are going to be familiar with the movie Maximum Overdrive based on Stephen King’s work. What many people do not realize is that there was another version of this film made previous to that one, in which, unfortunately, the soundtrack was NOT done by ACDC. Objectively I like the Emilio Esteves version better, as does my wife. On the other hand, this version has some enjoyable moments the other didn’t, and I LOVE the ending!

I am not a fan of most American comedy, especially more modern pieces. This piece did a good job of not being over the top and mixing a lot of fun into an enjoyable plot. My wife and I both enjoyed it and I would give it 8 out of 10 torches.

Wanting to expand your knowledge of Geek history? This is a MUST watch. It covers the history of Atari and some of the peripheral companies, including Activision. The Nostalgia I felt watching this movie was overwhelming. It made me think back to all my consoles and cartridges and I can only hope I rebuild those collections someday!

I did not know much about Burning Man until I watched this. Given the bulk of the documentary takes at the event, you come away with I think about the best feel short of going or future VR tech, you are going to get.

I actually did not watch this one this week. I started it up and said “oh, I’ve seen this” and hit stop. Was about a year or so ago and is a good documentary I learned a lot from.

July 1 2016

Shooter Jennings in Shroud of the Avatar

A while back you may remember that Shooter Jennings debuted his album Countach in Shroud of the Avatar.

An excellent article with an interview piece about the whole experience was posted over on The Tennessean, written by Dave Paulson,

“They had these in-game radios that broadcast streaming radio stations. You could buy one and turn it on, and everyone within a certain radius could hear it. It was a no-brainer that we could do something in the game.”

That’s just a snippet, so head on over and read the whole thing! Tell them Sir Stile Teckel sent you.


June 30 2016

Movie Recommendation From Stile With a Lot of Geek Talk

So I recently listened to both “Armada” and “Ready Player One” on Audiobook, by Ernest Cline. I, of course, have read both of these books long ago no worries on that score! I enjoy listening to Audio books for the books I like the most, though, as I often pick up things I missed in the books. Well, not missed per say but that pops out at me in a different way just because of the various media.

Amazon had done an Audibles thing a while back, where you could do a 3-month trial membership. I think that’s open all of the time if you use one of my image links below to go to Amazon and try it out. The trial gave me three free books (1 a month), and Ernest Cline‘s were two I choose (Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy being the third.)

As I have been listening to both books on Audible, something that caught my attention in a way it didn’t on the read was the lists of video games, movies, books, etc… from the 80’s. The difference being as Wil Wheaton’s voice read them off I was going “yep read it, yep saw it. So on, so forth, to the tune of there being ONE MOVIE between both books I do not remember seeing!

I do not mean out of just the film’s, but I mean every media listed, from both books, regardless of what it is, I’ve seen it, read it, listened to it, played it, and so on. I attribute noticing this in this way more because I felt like I was responding to someone mentally as opposed to reading a list.

Now I will list a caveat; there are SOME video games listed that when I say I “played,” I may have dropped a single quarter into it at the arcade, or fired it up on a console a total of ONE time and said “not my thing.” There are some damned obscure games on those lists that given my age at a certain point of time just did not work out for me. Take the references to the Atari 2600 Swordquest Games. Sure, I wanted to win those contests but believe me when I say I was a TAD bit young to complete them.

I, however, was NOT so young I could not play a perfect Pac-Man game, flip the high score on Space Invaders, work the madness of Pitfall, or, one of my favorites, blasting music while playing Megamania.

I remember a game of Defender in which I ended up with an audience of family members surrounding me in awe. I was in the zone, had been playing all night, and was in a trance. How I miss the day’s of playing video games with others, in person ๐Ÿ™

I was born in 1973 though, and the Atari 2600 came out in 1977. I believe I got mine in 78 or 79 and of course had it for a very long time until I sold it all to my uncle. My uncle had amassed what was one of the largest collections I had ever seen (even in photos), but I had a very respectable collection on its own, yet didn’t collect. Was helping him out.

I was a bit young for finding Easter Eggs in games, solving the complexity of Swordquest (I think I eventually DID finish the first one), or figuring out how to address the stupidity of E-T.

I have played them all, though, and that includes pumping tokens into the Arcade all day with my mom on a Saturday or Sunday at the local place that had killer deals for exchange rates.

My mom’s favorite game? Joust! She still loves it, and growing up with such a mom is why I am the Artimus I am today, that can legitimately point at two books covering an entire decade of the best of the “geek” out there, and say “yep, loved it!”. Yes, I loved Joust also ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh! A second Caveat, I of course also did not play any of the video games references that are questionable as to whether they even exist and such!

Another reason though I was paying particular attention to the lists is I have been “educating” me daughter in “geek”. No, not the games but movies and books are fair game!

She has full access to my library with over a 1,000 books in it. Although she rarely takes advantage of this preferring more modern authors overall.

Stile Teckel Library

Watching geek movies though is something that we do DAILY when she is staying at my home. As an example as I am typing this particular article I have Mad Max (the first one), playing for us.

So, when a particular movie was read off that I didn’t recognize, I did a double take and quickly emailed myself the name! That flick is… *Drum Roll*;

“Bishop of Battle”, or more specifically, Nightmares, in which Bishop of Battle is one of the four movies on this anthology.

I was, sadly, mistaken, though. I have in fact seen this movie and once I did more research vaguely remember it. For whatever reason, though I do not remember it and so would like to watch it again. Also, of course, introduce my daughter to it! Unfortunately, it seems you can only purchase as opposed to rent, and finances are tight right now so I will be waiting until I can either stream this or pick it up used, like at a garage sale.

June 29 2016

Shroud of the Avatar – R31 Coming and Red Thomas Talks about it on MMORPG

Red Thomas has an article up on MMORPG talking about Shroud of the Avatar Release 31. This includes not only some of what we will see tweaked in this upcoming release but also some general thoughts about the overall state of the game.

As always a great read, and one of my most anticipated Shroud of the Article articles I look forward to reading! I think he does an excellent job with this article in voicing some concerns in a few controversial places as well as highlighting some great positives.

Just a month until final wipe. In many ways, the 31st release for Shroud of the Avatar is summed in that simple statement. So many things are right, a few things arenโ€™t quite there yet, thereโ€™s a certain anticipation of finally being able to play in a truly persistent game-state, and yet thereโ€™s this nagging concern in the back of my mind that the concept might be a little too ambitious.

You can read the full article here:

June 25 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – U9, Trilogy I-III, and Books

The question to ask, literally, on this auction is if everything is in it. There are no details on the contents either in the description or the photos. For $13.00 it is worth taking the time in my opinion. What I would do is just get a website link with the contents listing, email a list to them and ask them if everything is in the box. If so, buy it!

Ultima 9: Ascension – PC by Electronic Arts

Prefer a Dragon addition or need both? You may be in luck. There is not a buy it now option going on with this one but current bid is at $15.00 and the shipping is reasonable.

Ultima IX: Ascension DRAGON EDITION Oversized Box – Complete!

I use to have the Ultima Trilogy I II III in my collection and would love to have it again some day. If I was honest though I would much rather get a complete U1 and U2! This one is yours if you want it, first come first serve, for $85.00.

Ultima Trilogy I II III NM Origin IBM PC 5 1/4" floppy disks Lord British

BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS! Just going with links with descriptions on all these, judge for yourself. Some unusal items!

Ultima Underworld 2 Clue book game book / RPG

Ultima Vol.2 Seija he no Michi game book / RPG

Ultima Online Oukoku de Ikinuku Hiketsu fan book / Online

Ultima Online Official Guide Book GM / Online

Ultima Online Official World Atlas strategy guide book / Online

Ultima Online Beginner's Guide Book / Online