January 19 2017

Shopping with Stinky Goblins – Spotlighting Artistis Making Cool Geek Things

When I was recently setup and selling for my business Caveloot.com, at Midwinter Gaming Convention, I got to meet Heather and Joe of “Stinky Goblin Emporium.” Fantastic people and I spent a lot of time speaking with Joe specifically. Enjoyed my conversations with him and he seemed like a wonderful individual.

They had a wide array of products they were selling, but what had caught my eye the most were 3D sculpted and painted dungeon tiles/scenery. Top quality and each piece were a piece of art as well as a function for your game. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any photos!

Sculpting isn’t there only medium, though, also working with leather, wood, painting, and a multitude of other areas these two are extraordinarily crafty!

Ok, those bookmarks look epic!

So whether you just wouldn’t mind another cool artisan to follow, or if you want to order some cool custom sculpting, leather work, or another cool item, be sure to check them out on Etsy and favorite their page!


If you order from them, please be sure to let them know caveloot.com sent you! They should remember me; they got a decent amount of paper from my cash box out of me while I was there… I, unfortunately, cannot show you the purchase as it is a birthday present for my wife! Don’t want her to see it early!

Wait, I got it!! Hun, if you read this post, don’t click on these spoiler photos! I want people to see what Joe can do on the sculpting front! Everyone else, please hit this spoiler box. It is fantastic!

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