August 11 2019

Virtue Symbol 8 Sided Dice 65% Funded on Kickstarter!

Very excited to see how well the Virtue Dice Kickstarter is going so far! New updates added! Everyone at the $1.00 tier and above will be getting a .pdf of Virtue Cutout Tokens and Miniatures. We have also announced a $1500 stretch goal, which will involve a game being created … Continue reading The post Virtue Symbol 8 Sided Dice 65% Funded on Kickstarter! appeared first on
June 12 2018

Game Developer and Artist Scott Jones Coming to My Home and Possibly Yours in Shroud of the Avatar!

How do you get Scott Jones in Your house in Shroud of the Avatar? Just go pledge on this Kickaster, I have, at the highest level, and feel awesome about being able to do so!

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring a smile to the face of an individual, who brings smiles to everyone around him. Let’s show him the love!

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January 18 2017

Kick Starter Spotlight – The Key Armory

So this Kickstarter looks awesome! The Sword is mightier than the key!!

The concept is that you replace many of your normal keys, with keys that look like swords. Now only is this cool but it would be a great way to help identify keys!

Additionally, there are different styles of swords AND they are based on… Here, I will let them describe it;

The Key Armory transforms your favorite swords into your key! Inspired by Final Fantasy, He-Man, Xenoblade, Voltron, & Sword Art Online


[pullquote]Inspired by Final Fantasy, He-Man, Xenoblade, Voltron, & Sword Art Online[/pullquote]

While this isn’t something I can afford to get in on, it’s cool enough I had to share it along! Tell them sent you! I mean, networking is always good :).

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January 18 2017

Kickstarter Spotlight – Albino Dragon Playing Cards!

When you talk about Kick Starters here is one that you do not want to miss, even if it’s to just look at.

If you are not familiar with the name of the Albino Dragon Playing Cards, I would be surprised if you have not seen a deck sometime. I believe I have three different ones in my home and I only bought one of them from them direct.

This one offers you a chance to potentially get all the Card Decks they make along with some extras. Woah!!!!

If you sign up for this one and heard it from me, please put in the notes section that sent you! Seriously, I plan on carrying their product someday if I can!

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December 18 2016

Kickstarter Spotlight – Unknown Realm

Are you a fan of the 8bit RPG classics, such as Ultima? Then this is definitely going to appeal to you! Available for PC or Commodore, it captures that modern-classic feel with 8-bit graphics yet retains some of the modern brains behind the game we have come to expect today. A lot of people I know signing up for this one, even developers!

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December 10 2016

Kickstarter Spotlight – Papers and Paychecks

Role Play Game systems fall into some primary categories for me when I am picking one. As you dig in deeper, it’s like a skill tree that I follow.

That first option though is always, do I like this system and concept best for:
-A long campaign
-A short Campaign
-Random play (play a game, drop it somewhere and whenever it makes sense pick up where left off).

-Good for newbies, if we have them?

I can’t answer all these questions about this one yet. It looks like a lot of fun, but based on the concept I CAN remove “long campaign.” This looks like a blast, but don’t think id want to do 6+ months of it!

I also remember this!!

Three decades ago Will McLean brought us many laughs with the “Papers & Paychecks” illustration in the ‘Dungeon Masters Guide’ for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. A cursory search will reveal that on more than one occasion the thought has entered the heads of others that “Papers and Paychecks” would make a great roleplaying game.

It’s almost funded when I write this but could use a tad bit more. So please be sure to check it out if it’s something you may be interested in!

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November 23 2016

Kickstarter Spotlight – Mythic Battles: Pantheon

Already fully funded with 7 more days to go, at over a Million Dollars, this game has a following already!

Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.

$99.00 gets you the most basic pledge which is called the “God Pledge” which may seem a lot, but you really need to take a look at what you are getting! $99.00 for a gigantic miniature plus another 69 (good number!) miniatures, is one heck of a deal in my book.. Wait, AND you get an awesome game? I see why this is funded already!

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November 9 2016

Kickstarter Spotlight – City of Mist

For you RPG tabletop fans, this one looks fairly interesting.

City of Mist is a tabletop role-playing game about ordinary people in a modern city becoming incarnations of myths and legends. Inspired by the film noir and detective comic book genres, the game focuses on your crew’s search for answers in a city that seems to enshroud everything in false appearances as well as on the struggle between your character’s normal life and the legend growing inside her.

Fully funded with a couple of weeks to go, this may be one to check out!