February 10 2017

Ultima Auction Spotlight – U9 Map and Tarot Cards

Well, this auction also has the manuals, but who cares about those right? Whoa!!! Calm down, collectors! I do of course, but only regarding being an Origins, Lord British, and Ultima collector. What I mean is while this auction may be a score for some more advanced collectors, more likely this will interest someone with more specific aims.

That being those that like either the Cloth Maps or maybe even just Tarot Cards. I know a few people who the Ultima games are meaningless too, but if you give them a deck of the U9 Tarot cards, will get excited. In fact, I did just that for my wife once!

Then you also have the Map collector, which can range from the Ultima map collector to that person that just likes maps, period.

Whatever category you fall into, I bet you could get this for $15.00 using the make an offer option!

Ultima IX Ascension Cloth Map, 2 Books, Cards

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December 10 2016

Kickstarter Spotlight – Papers and Paychecks

Role Play Game systems fall into some primary categories for me when I am picking one. As you dig in deeper, it’s like a skill tree that I follow.

That first option though is always, do I like this system and concept best for:
-A long campaign
-A short Campaign
-Random play (play a game, drop it somewhere and whenever it makes sense pick up where left off).

-Good for newbies, if we have them?

I can’t answer all these questions about this one yet. It looks like a lot of fun, but based on the concept I CAN remove “long campaign.” This looks like a blast, but don’t think id want to do 6+ months of it!

I also remember this!!

Three decades ago Will McLean brought us many laughs with the “Papers & Paychecks” illustration in the ‘Dungeon Masters Guide’ for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. A cursory search will reveal that on more than one occasion the thought has entered the heads of others that “Papers and Paychecks” would make a great roleplaying game.

It’s almost funded when I write this but could use a tad bit more. So please be sure to check it out if it’s something you may be interested in!

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