December 7 2017

Some Changes You May Not Have Noticed and Some More Just Made to the CDB Site

This is one of those bookkeeping posts, to update you about some going on’s here at The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond you may not be in the loop on.

THERES SOME FUN STUFF THOUGH! So You may want to at least skim down all the way, instead of just closing your tab 🙂

A little while back I shut down the Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond Patreon site. This was based on the decision that the original output and creations I was doing had declined. I no longer felt Patron worthy of that project!

I then put everything on a basic hold while I regrouped and put new things into place.

-Nothing is changing with this Blog. I will continue to produce the content you have seen me producing!!!
-The funding meter for this site has been removed. The majority of the funding came through the Patreon.
Donations are certainly still appreciated to help costs, but funding is no longer tracked.
-I removed the Sponsors page since there is no longer an ongoing sponsor/patron program in place.
-The Donation page has been cleaned up to reflect the changes.
-I do have a new Patreon and while funds raised through that, indirectly help pay the bills here, it has it’s own focus, goals, and rewards unrelated to this site. So you can continue to support the Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond either by being a Patron on our other project or by one time donations. Of course, purchasing through also helps!

That’s the breakdown!

So what is your new Patreon doing? DICE!

[pullquote]in which a percentage of sales will fund further projects, creating a continual return on investment[/pullquote]

The New Patreon is designed around creating customized dice, in which patrons will have opportunities to participate in different dice customization projects, at varying levels of input depending on the project. They also are rewarded with free dice, discounts, options to buy into stock orders, and even funding group projects in which a percentage of sales will fund further projects, creating a continual return on investment, in terms of free to a low-cost product, for long-term Patrons!

If you want to learn more about it, head on over. Take a look at the about page, the goals, and of course the rewards! Would love to get you signed up, and right now is the best time. I am doing sort of a soft launch to get things situated, give time for previous Patron’s to drop off, and make posts like this one. is creating Customized Dice | Patreon

Then with the start of the new year here in a few weeks, things will be getting into full swing! I even plan on launching the Patron, with a random gift drawing sometime after the first of 2018. This is NOT a reward, prize, or anything of that nature. It’s simply something I want to do, above and beyond any rewards to say thank you, celebrate the new Patron, and frankly because it’s just fun to do. There will be no charges associated with it, and even shipping will be covered.

Not interested in signing up as a Patron but like the idea of buying some customized dice, maybe as a Christmas gift?

Take one of our flyers! Patrons get opportunities to purchase customized dice at discounts at various levels, however does also take orders with anyone to help them realize their customized dice project for their unique occasion, on a retail basis!

You still here? Wow!

Have a Movie!

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July 5 2017

Jeff Dee Now On Patreon

If you’re a gamer, the name will most likely be familiar to you.

If not the first paragraph of his Patreon overview should get your attention!

Hi! I’ve been a professional fantasy, SF, and superhero artist for over 40 years, starting as a freelancer for TSR Hobbies (the original publishers of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game) way back in 1977. I’ve also worked in comics and computer games, and I’ve even done a little concept art for the motion picture industry.

If you have an interest in his art and the industry, you might want to hop over and check that out. I chipped in, didn’t want to miss out!

Jeff Dee is creating Fantasy, Science Fiction and Superhero Illustration | Patreon

Interesting side story. Well, most likely not really but I am going to share it anyway. I was vending at Inconjunction this last weekend and needed to Facebook add a friend whose first name is Jeff and the last name is definitely not Dee. Yet for some reason every time I kept trying to remember his last name, I kept thinking “Dee” and going, No.. Stop that.. Why do I keep thinking Jeff Dee? I can only attribute it to being at a gaming convention 🙂

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June 21 2017

Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond 6/2017 Giveaway Results

If you have missed it in the past, I try to do a giveaway about once a month to the magnificent folks that help me create by either making single donations or who are a Patron.

Anyone that donates a $1.00 or more or that is a Patron is entered into the next drawing. After that drawing, you would need to donate again or remain a Patron to qualify for the following one. This is not anything I have set up as a reward perk, but rather something I am doing to show my appreciation.

This month I did the drawing much later in the month than normal, and so decided to do two!

Given away to our winners, Indi Martin and The Hearth of Britannia were a “Scales” and a “Fireball or Tears” customized D6 die. Prizes were donated by and can be purchased from the store.

This is the first time I am letting this tidbit out, but I do plan on something extra special as a yearly giveaway in December this year 🙂

Until next post, peace my readers!

-Stile Teckel

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March 12 2017

Thank You to Our Newest Patron – The Hearth of Britannia!

It’s always a party when I get a new Patron, but even more so when it is someone as prestigious as the Hearth of Britannia!

The Hearth of Brittania is an active and in my opinion at least, a major community leader in both the Ultima and the Shroud of the Avatar game communities.

Rustic Dragon of the Heath of Britannia himself has been a developer for Shroud of the Avatar, hired by making his mark in the community and impressing the developers with his work. A recipient of a Royal warrant and his famous “cabinet of Virtues” was included in the game, as was The Hearth of Britannia itself!

He also runs regular Google Hangouts as an open forum for discussion for the Ultima Dragons and guests. A place where one of the mottos are “You will always have a home with the Hearth.” As a member of the Ultima Dragons myself, it’s a home that means a lot to me and is very welcoming to new people.

Also on Patreon themselves, engaged in several projects including the development of a cookbook based on the foods from the Ultima Game series.

Even closer and dearer to my own heart, The Hearth of Britannia runs occasional player meets with LARP’ing aspects and is creating an LARP system!!

[pullquote]The Hearth of Britannia is creating an Ultima companion cookbook, LARP system, events, and more![/pullquote]

The Hearth of Britannia tries to give back to the community, and it’s joining as a Patron was a way the Hearth of Britannia is currently helping many of the community members by giving back when they got a bit more than needed for immediate goals.

I highly recommend checking them out if any of their projects sound like they may be of interest. You would be becoming part of a fantastic small community that is big on supporting those among it!

Their Patreon page:


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February 7 2017

Janruary Funding Meter Updated – Doing Something New For Patrons!

First, I have updated the Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond funding meter with January’s donations and Patronage funding. Again, a HUGE thank you for those that allow me to be able to change those numbers each month. It means a lot to me, especially during these financially difficult times.

Speaking of which, I am always looking for better ways to say thank you to my Patrons for helping to keep this blog and other projects I undertake going.

In that ongoing vein, something I have started doing is passing along exclusive specials and discounts with my online game store, I just started doing this, but indeed, plan on continuing to do so on an ongoing basis in the future. So just another reason to become a Patron!

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January 5 2017

Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond Treasury Status at End of Year

I feel this is an obligatory post I need to make at the end or start of a New Year!

Donations and Patronage for 2016 just finished coming in, and I reviewed the final pledge levels. We ended up collecting just a few dollars shy of $800.00 this year, which was 50% of the goal!

Now some people would say, but your goal was $1900 to cover 2016’s related expenses, Stile?

I say, yeah. It would have been nice to have hit that, HOWEVER – A community of individuals who find value in the projects and postings I do to help me raise 50% of the year’s expenses. I’ll pick up the other 50% and say, hey, that’s fair! Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and efforts! It’s of immense help, appreciated, and lets me know that my work is valued.

2017 Goal is a bit lighter at $1200.00 for the year. The reason for the reduced goal is that 2016 had some additional software expenses and other items work in and 2017 is very much at this time budgeted for more of maintaining with current costs.

If you’re interested in donating or signing up as a Patreon you can do so here:

As always thank you for your support, and I hope that I rock this site for you through 2017!

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August 31 2016

Support the Hearth of Britannia on Patreon!

Rustic Dragon has decided to start a Patreon for The Hearth of Britannia with the goal of creating an “Ultima companion cookbook, LARP system, events, and more!”.

For you Shroud of the Avatar players not familiar with Rustic Dragon and The Hearth of Britannia… Shame on you! Rustic Dragon AKA Joseph Toschlog is one of the founding leaders in the Shroud of the Avatar player community, who through his contributions, passion, and skills earned himself a position on the Portalarium developer team for a while.

The feature image on this post is the “Hearth of Britannia” as seen from the Shroud of the Avatar game (an out of date shot by the way).

Responsible for many many other things, one of my other favorites (maybe because I have one) in relationship to Shroud of the Avatar, is the “Cabinet of Virtues”!

Won the grand prize drawing for Rild Reading Rainbow contest -  A Hearth of Britannia Cabinet of Virtue

Currently considered by most as the rarest item in the game, Rustic Dragon held a telethon for Shroud of the Avatar to generate revenue. One of the things that came about due to this was this in game replica of his real life cabinet. It was earned by donating $25.00 to the telethon.

He is also an Ultima Dragon, past Ultima Collector and his roots and knowledge extend far and wide in the gaming world. An individual after my own heart!

So please take a moment, whether you are a fan of Ultima, Shroud of the Avatar, cooking, video games, or just helping support cool projects by good people, and see if this is something you may want to support.

Tell him Stile Teckel sent you!

June 19 2016

Thanks Go Out to Slegnor, Our Latest Patreon!

A huge thank you going out to Slegnor who has signed up as our most recent Patron at Patreon! Not only does every dollar add up but I have lost a lot of supporters this last yer due to financial changes for them. New, and continued support such as this, means even more now than it did in the past!

Slegnor also has some projects he does, so please help show your support to the Caverns Dungeons, And Beyond, by taking a look if they may seem of interest to you!

He Has a Twitch channel here:

Watch live video from Slegnor on

Or you can use this Youtube Video to get over to his YouTube Channel!

Let him know the CDB sent you!