March 27 2018

A Prototype Art Review of Work Obtained from Relics by Rild


Having been here since day #1, I can only say it has been a wild ride so far, and I’m glad it’s technically just starting!!

Hello Players!

If you’ve been saying to yourselves lately, that Stile guy has become worthless.. Well.. I.. Um, Yeah, let’s just leave it at “busy” and not even try to go beyond that explanation!

I’m here though, so pony up the Bribes for your GM and let’s roll initiative! Pass me a Mountain dew, some Cheeto’s and pull out your enchanted daggers and magic Missles!

This session at the table is going to be quick as I need some sleep. I DO have a big Keeping up with SotA piece coming, and should have it out in the next day or two. I hope. It was originally going to be part of this one *green*

Rolling a critical today is Relics by Rild! Taking some serious notes over the past few years on the importance of releases, Rild decided to boost support for the game by launching an entirely new line of Canvas Prints ON GAME LAUNCH DAY!

Those cool paintings in-game? GET THEM FOR REALS! No dart trap’s, no Mimic’s, just fantastic objects of art! Not only that, Whether you want normal Human size or Colossal Red Dragon sized, you can get it!

Now I will admit I fudged a roll behind the screen back here, and the Featured image of this posts show’s one of these below a sword, making it look REALLY big!

Well, It might have done better at doing so, If I was a better photographer in terms of experience with trying to pull that off. It was a ruse though, as I just used a sword letter opener.

The one you’re seeing here in the photos is a prototype that some Rogue went in and slipped out of this massive pile of stuff Rild sleeps on, and burgled it out some back passageway, past this annoying bird that just kept pecking away. Until I eventually acquired it and now get to review it for you!

So I did what all folks do when acquiring a new item, and rolled my appraisal skill. I was highly impressed with the quality of the frame. The wood is clean, not rotting, no splinters. Corners meet well, plenty of staples to keep the Vinyl in place yet fully sunk at the same time! It’s not Masterwork, nor would one expect such for a hidden frame, but frankly, in my opinion, it’s better then it needs to be!

In fact, I contacted Rild and asked him if he was crafting in the shop and had leveled up his carpentry skills recently. We talked, it was a good time.

To create an entire scroll rack out of a simple appraisal roll, Id also add that I really like the small one’s as you could do up an entire wall with all the different ones! Then you could do your ceilings in the big ones!!

Lot’s of other cool things in the store including some sales that have Dwarven smiths running for their gem Caches!

Relics by Rild – Shroud of the Avatar Merchandise

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August 15 2017 Starts Shroud of the Avatar Online Auctions

Ok, you are a Shroud of the Avatar player and you are tired of looking at arbitrary price lists of items from sellers. You want to see what people are actually paying for items, what they are selling for, and have opportunities to get at lower costs. In short, you want an online auction!

Auctions –

I decided to start running an auction service at my store site To see how things go, I currently just have a couple of small artifacts and one large item priced low to start things out! Looking for a Duke Founder City Water House Deed? This might be your chance, as I have a two-week auction running with a starting bid of $50!

Auctions –

Maybe it’s the reverse of that. You are a seller, and you just want to see what your items will go for at that time, selling as quickly as you can and not messing with everything. We’d be more than happy to run auctions for your items, at your specified minimums (returning what doesn’t sell), for a 10% commission. Interested? Contact!

Have a LOT of stuff to sell, want to do it quickly, don’t know where to start, concerned about risk, and don’t want to undersell? Let us take your complete inventory for you, run it as auctions, market it, take care of all the transactions, and just hand you your payments minus our Paypal Fees and 10% commission!

Auctions –

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November 20 2016

Vyrin & Womby’s Bookstore Open 3rd Location In Shroud of the Avatar

I enjoyed an excellent night of hunting with Womby tonight. He took me down into Serpent Spine for a little while so that I could hack away at the earth. A place a love but am not able to survive on my own yet.

Taking his Guild Leader out for a good time is not Womby and Vyrin’s only activity in the game, though. The most recognized players in the community when it comes to all things related to books, they have opened their third store!


Womby & Vyrin are pleased to announce the opening of our third bookstore!

Please join us for an open house marking the occasion:

Sunday, November 20, 1-3 PM NBT in Estgard

I apologize for not getting the opening announcement out to you sooner, but be sure to go check the place out! Tell them Stile sent you!