January 10 2015

A Tale of a Dragon and his shot glass

So many of you may know that Rustic Dragon held Dragon meets on a regular basis. Part of the enjoyment was a nice backdrop display of tall bottles containing “virtue shots” (the secrets been out a long time, vodka and skittles for the most part). What was special about these bottles where they where real life versions from Ultima.

In fact in addition to that Rustic had several other sets of bottles matched to Ultima bottles. U6, U7 and the intro. In fact if you go to Google images and Google Ultima potion bottles, and scroll around.. You’ll see a friggin Hearth of Britannia Logo as a result! Try it, ill wait!

I did some spell checks while you where doing that. Right.. so Richard “Lord British” Garriott is of course the inspiration that lead to all those so giving proper respect it’s due, Rustic Dragon had a shot glass with his display and the virtue shots that was Richard Garriott’s shot glass. Should he ever visit Rustics, it was his shot glass to use and was held for him.

Well, as many of you may know Rustic Dragon is doing a lot of travelling, planning more, and is down sizing and so is selling some things. Bottles where one to go, and I bought a set of each. Now, his tall bottles where already gone but with his direction I bought the same ones, and then I bought the other two sets from him. I do not have the potions in them yet.. and Im doing other things. All 3 sets of bottles will be on a shelf, in 3 rows, on the wall behind my recliner for my backdrop in future Google Hangouts!

This is possible, fun, and enjoyable for me thanks to his inspiration and parting with this fine cos-play type item. I also want to put my own touch of Stile on it as well. So I will have led lights with alternating coloring in the middle of the liquid in various bottles (different from time to time).. Nope, im not telling you how im doing this *winks*. I still have yet to see what it looks like in the liquid though, if i dont like the look ill skip it.

Well, I am going to borrow another page from his book. A tribute to MY inspiration for this, just like he made a tribute to HIS inspiration. So I am proud to announce that there is a shot glass with a dragon on it, that has never touched the lips of another person and is Rustic Dragon’s Shot-glass. It resides there for the rare occasions he may be passing through and he may want to have a shot or two.

May you use it sometime soon! Until then here’s a photo so you can look at it and stuff.

Added Rustic Dragons Shotglass to bottles

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