October 17 2015

The Beran League – Part II

So last weekend I did a piece on The Bear Tavern and their growth into The Beran League. More importantly and the primary goal here is to keep you updated with the fact they are due to release in R23!

Since my last post several of their holdings have increased and that has been causing Vallas quite the bit of work as he stated in the forums!

Stop messing up my spreadsheets!
-Duke Vallas

Now, that was a jest of course. As someone that keeps community spreadsheets myself while it can be sometimes a lot to manage, its always also a pleasure and a joy to do so! Heck, im tired of downloading the updates to it Vallas!

Here you can see the summary format of their latest update.

Member Guilds.
Beran League Free Company
Knights of New Britannia
Moongate Travellers 470
Order of the Dragon’s Flame
Priory of Sion
Sacred Brotherhood of Light
The Bards of Poets Circle
The Bear Tavern
Three Rings

Accepting Guild applications.

Member Towns.
Beran’s Reach [Capital]
– District: Fox Keep [Metropolis]
– District: High Rock [Metropolis]
– District: Port Beran [Metropolis]
– District: Porth Mae [Village]
– District: (To be named) [Town]
– District: Victory Arena [Crossroads Village]
– District: White Oak [Metropolis]
Total size: 442,800 sq

Ardonair [Metropolis]
Caer Dracwych [Holdfast]
Faber’s Rest [Holdfast]
Fallin’ Green [Village]
Rift’s End [Metropolis]

Accepting land owner applications.

The Beran League Militia.
1st Battalion
– A Company
> 1st Platoon

*Includes mutual defence agreement between The Beran League and the Phoenix Republic

Update: 13 October 2015. Fox Keep has since grown AGAIN to become a Metropolis, pushing Beran’s Reach to well over the 400k marker. It’ll be included as one of a number of upgrades which will come into effect in R24. Still, plenty of space for R23. If you need any assistance for personal or community projects, please contact Vallas direct.

-Duke Vallas [BEAR], Tuesday at 5:45 PM

Now last week I talked history and where they are going. This week let’s look at stats and images! Over here on this thread in the forums:


You will find posts on maps, notes about the makeup of the town, and other announcements! Here are some of the images you will find there. Please head over, check things out, and tell them Stile sent you to them through The Caverns!




The Great City of Beran's Reach

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