May 11 2014

The Death of Lord British cited as famous by MMORPG

MMORPG recently did an article titled “Twelve Famous Player-Driven MMORPG Moments”

Included in this is the famous death of Lord British in UO by Fire field. As #1 no less!

Lord British was killed during an in-game appearance on Ultima Online’s beta test. A royal visit was conducted as a part of server population stress test. A player character known as Rainz cast a spell called “fire field” on Lord British that, surprisingly, killed him. Lord British’s character, like others, had been made invulnerable, but by design the invulnerability did not persist over several game sessions. Shortly before the incident, the server had crashed, and Richard Garriott had forgotten to set his invulnerability flag on when logging on again.

Here’s the map location!

Twelve Famous Player-Driven MMORPG Moments – Genese Davis at

Death of Lord British - Apr30-1

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