May 8 2015

Things to talk about and some tools for R17

Arianna Sota posted over on Google some time lapse videos of Net’s maze being built. That may be of interest to you, kinda cool!

Playing in R17 and not sure how to get your hat? The Mad Hermit shows you how with this guide to the R17 Grand Tour Hat Quest!

Or is it XP you need in R17? The Mad Hermit shows you how to get a big chunk quickly!

Need help with crafting in R17? Sir Isycle is a one man machine that continues to update and roll improvements and features on the Crafting Spreadsheet!

The official thread:

Koldar continues to keep the pledge rewards spreadsheet, showing you what rewards you get in many different ways! Visit his forum thread for details or to tell him how awesome this is!

Recap sends out a fun video as a thank you for all those that helped back the Neon Milk album! Great special appearance from Walter and Beatrice so be sure to check it out. I found it enjoyable!!!!

Now if your playing R17 and exploring Novia a map may be of some aid. Birko has posted a fairly cool on over on the forums so I will let him tell you about it and show you to it! Just head on over and tell them the Caverns sent you!

Unfortunately that is all my time for now, even though I have a back log of 800 emails to still review *winks*. Which means more WILL be coming at some point!

Coming to you from the Caverns via Stile Teckel, I hope this information found its way into your lap and was of interest or aid!

Ankh Quill

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1 thoughts on “Things to talk about and some tools for R17

  1. Sir Stile Teckel (Post author)

    Im glad I published this before Portalarium published their news update! LoL.. I think everything here (not quote, but close), is on the official update! -1 for original stuff Stile *mutters*.


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