March 6 2017

Time To Get Your Mail In Shroud of the Avatar

Miss someone screaming at you “YOU GOT MAIL!”? Maybe this will help!

With Shroud of the Avatar being a Sandbox based Online game, there will often be things we may want to build for ourselves. For me, one of those was a mail system, and I thought I would pass on the idea.

I set several of these up at various housing and vendor shops that I have.

The idea is you use a Public container to put blank sheets of paper into and label it something like “stationary.” I am only putting about a half dozen sheets in at a time so that if someone decides to “borrow” paper, I didn’t lose a lot of gold. I am keeping refill paper nearby to quickly and easily reload the paper holder.

At that point, you also need another container for people to put the notes into, and only you can remove them. I used Small Bags for this, dubbing them “mail bags.” Sat the permissions so the public can add and walla! Safe-mail delivery.

For purposes of making it clear to other people what is going on, a little decoration can go a long way. A note explaining how the system works. Inkwells, desks, and other related items to act as signifiers. At my vendor shops, I have left notes indicating I am willing to take offers, trades, etc.

Does it work? Within 48 hours of implementing this system, I have gotten mail at two vendor shops, one of which is turning into a decent sized trade. I also appreciate being able to just leave notes for other people I setup with this system, rather than remembering I need to catch them and tell them something.

Finally, to expand on it, you can use it as a sort of inter-company mailbox system. Place multiple containers, such as the small bags and indicate whose is whose. This would work well for guild houses; Player owned towns or other locations that a central mailbox for multiple people (and were permissions among them won’t be an issue), is called for.

I put this one in my house that has a lot of people coming through, living there, or using the crafting stations.

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Posted March 6, 2017 by Sir Stile Teckel in category Housing