March 5 2016

Tortoise & Hare bringing the Supernatural On

Many of you know I often talk about Tortoise & Hare as being members of the Shroud of The Avatar Community. They are also the creator of the Shroud of the Avatar Comic Book. You can pick up a copy of that on their sites which I will link in a bit or also from Relics by Rild.

I’ve also spoken in the past of what a great fan of Indi Martin’s books I am.

Finally and I am going to be missing things on this list, they make games, comics, graphic novel’s, artwork, and more.

This particular article is because I just finished putting up my Supernatural’s from their Supernatural set. Or rather my wife’s!

So the story on the images you are seeing was not really planned this way. It started out a small Halloween Village – just because. Later Indi Martin’s first Supernatural piece ended up on the wall.. the others followed over time, and a Haunted village became a Supernatural shrine of some kind. There are even a couple die cast Impalas in that village although you will forgive me for not taking close-ups!

Find a cool way to bring some of the art of Indi Martin into your home! If I had the money, time, and room, I’d do something awesome with Doctor Who!!!

Visit them on Facebook (and tell them the Caverns sent you!), stop by their Website/Blog, or just skip to the chase and get onto their Etsy and start ordering your cool decor!

I should also clarify, all of these are my wife’s bought for her as gifts. The last two just added are Charlie and Crowley. I bought them for her for Christmas.

The cheapest I have found a decent 11×17 frame off of Amazon in case you’re running off to buy a bunch of art and want frames!

The supernatural wooden light box that is hanging on the far right was purchased from The Dragons Den (I think that is the name), in Austin Texas while I was there staying with an amazing host who took me to the place.

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