November 1 2016

Tour Novia, Kill things, Meet People, Have Fun – Dragon Tail Tours – Shroud of the Avatar

So GoldDraco72 started Dragon Tail Tours up. You not only meet up at scheduled times and learn some secrets of the land, you get to hunt along the way and your paths are chosen so there are plenty of things to hunt!

Fear not for you are given protection!

I’ve started a player ran tour, the first tour is a trip from Soltown to Etceter via underground passages, this tour includes stops at many mines/chests & secret locations. It is a great xp boost to younger players, and a good way to get gold/loot.

As a GM tank, I lead the party while protecting the players from what would otherwise be to tough of an area for most players. This is a great way to meet new players and work together in a party to clear areas we venture to!

The web page is coming in the future, but for now, there is a forum thread where you can get all the details, and post that I sent you!

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