May 27 2016

TV Binge Watching Recommendation From Stile for This Weekend

Alright if you need something to watch, this one goes out to all the gaming and computer geeks out there. I will warn you this show can be addicting! I think it may be one of those that will either not appeal to someone or will a lot. I am talking about “Halt and Catch Fire”.

Go back to the early start of computer history. IBM, Apple, Macintosh, the Apple II. Pick some self-starter types that embody the race of equipment of that generation. The geeks working from their garages to build the next better thing or code the next best game. Follow them through the crazy trials and tribulations of their lives.

Has a bit of a Wolf on Wallstreet feel with a dash of Breaking Bad, and covered with a sprinkling of viewing historical events in a fun and fictional way.

Great cast, fantastic story. Has a touch of everything in it and one of my favorite TV shows in quite a while!

Posted by Sir Stile Teckel - Email Author
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Posted May 27, 2016 by Sir Stile Teckel in category TV

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