January 24 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – Mum Magazine / Loot Crate Firefly & Serenity themed coming

So this is apparently a Magic magazine with an appearance from Richard Garriott in it. Unfamiliar piece to me but seems kind of cool and wouldn’t kill the bank if you wanted it.

MUM Magazine
Magic – Unity – Might
The Society of American Magicians
January 2009
Volume 98
Number 8

MUM Magazine January 2009 Magic SAM Richard Garriott Shawn Farquar Michael Weber

So I was pretty excited when I saw that Loot Crate is going to be doing a Firefly / Serenity crate.

I have done some blurbs in the past on subscription boxes I have tried. Such as Loot Crate, Geek Fuel, Barkbox. I stopped doing them and do not plan on picking it back up. I love the boxes I just do not have time to do blogs on them.

Subscription boxes have become popular in my family as gifts and so while I can’t afford them for myself often we seem to be giving them to each other a lot for birthdays and such as well as trying different ones and I am becoming quite the expert on all kinds of them.

While I may not have any sort of plans to do a focus on them though, if I can toss a blurb out now and then I may.

This one certainly deserves one!!!

A subscription box that comes out every two months focused on nothing but the Firefly / Serenity theme? EPIC!

I certainly do not know if I can afford to get it re-occurring but I will get the first one! As a side note I personally thought both Geek Fuel and Lootcrate regular subscriptions this month where amazing!!! My daughter is in love with Loot Crate Anime.

Anyway getting back on target, if you want to get on a signup list for information to this (no obligations, just notifications and updates). Head over to loot crate and choose “pick crate’ from the menu, and you will see an option for FireFly. http://looted.by/cgHXf

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