March 20 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – Several ~ Relics From Rild Needs Your Vote for Swag

If you are a fan of Ultima Online, this is one of the best pieces for your collection. Current high bid is $75.00 with free shipping. I wouldn’t personally go much higher then that although it can be hard to land it in that area, it is not impossible.

RARE Ultima Online Charter Edition Big Box w/ UO Second Age – Upgrade Edition

Complete Ultima 7 Box

If you are looking for a Complete Ultima 7 this is resonable. $9.99 and low shipping. Be sure to verify it is complete.

The Complete Ultima VII 7 CD ROM classics

Alternatively you could go all out and get a sealed copy for $50.00 with free shipping!

Brand New The Complete Ultima VII 7 IBM PC Sealed Origin

A Caverns of Callisto / Ultima III advertisement has been marked down. You can grab it for around $10.00 with shipping.

1983 Caverns of Callisto & Exodus Ultima III Origin Systems computer game vi

Ultima 3 Cloth Map

I am not saure which game this Ultima III paper map is from. I believe maybe it came from one of the multi-packs, most likely the 1-2-3. While I am not certain if it’s one of the pieces you are missing or if you are a map collector $4.99 is a sweet deal.

Ultima III card stock map

Relics from Rild is looking at doing some new swag and he is taking your vote! Personally I am very torn by some of these options. I would like to see both something that I could order and that has no need to be painted as well as pieces that could use a good paint job. I am a 20-30 year miniature painter but have not done any in quite some time.

Nothing has inspired me and a SotA piece definitely would.

On the other hand the collector in me could require me to buy 2. One to paint and one to leave original. Costly!

Go vote and tell Rild, Stile sent you!

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