March 6 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight U9 ~+~ Hung My Countach On the Roof

I’ve had some horrible illness for the last week so I apologize for not haveing many of these out. On the other hand, while there have been some things I would have spotlighted this last week, I would have been stretching. Things catching my eye either from an oddity standpoint or from a pricing standpoint hasn’t been that lucrative this week.

Whether you’re looking for a full U9 or just need the cards or the map, this can’t hurt for a baker dozen greenbacks with free shipping.

Ultima IX: Ascension (PC, 1999) – Box Set w/ Map, Cards, More – Free Shipping!

I did an article, well a few of theme here and there, on the new Countach album.

In one of them I had provided some handy links for displaying yours and showed you what I was ordering. I thought I would do a follow-up and show you how that worked out. Here it from a distance since I am showing the display not the actual piece.

If you are wondering, yes, it is on the cieling!

This was the display piece I used for it. Very simple and inexpanisive but also nothing fancy.

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