April 9 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – Ultima VII Prototype Cartridge ~+~ Printer Recommendations from Stile’s Office

Ok so. Right. Um. Yeah. Got it?

What I am trying to say is, I have never seen this item up before. It’s naturally rare by its nature if it’s authentic.

Ultima VII (7): The Black Gate – SNES Nintendo Super Famicom PROTOTYPE DEBUG NFR

Quote from the auction:

For sale here is a prototype cartridge of Ultima VII: The Black Gate. The game has been tested and works fine in both Super Famicom and American SNES consoles (as long as the plastic tabs inside the cartridge slot have been removed). I don’t know if it has any differences to the final release, but all of the text is in Japanese. Please see the included photographs for details on the game’s physical condition.

Ok, so this just seemed cool to me. The photos give the perception that the game is loaded into a Game Console and shows you monitor pics. No reason to think this is not a legitimate item but please do your homework and make sure before buying.

It comes with a hefty price-tag of $500.00. However, the seller is willing to consider offers so you may be able to do better than that. High, low? Good question indeed and no way to say. Unique items are only what you are willing to pay for it. If multiple people are willing to pay more than that for this, then it is a good buy regarding value.

It seems pretty unique, and I have seen items sell for more that were less rare. On the other hand, I have no idea what the appeal among the collector community as a whole for this item would be.

Ultima VII (7): The Black Gate – SNES Nintendo Super Famicom PROTOTYPE DEBUG NFR

I recently finalized my printer setup for my office. As a family we have need to be able to do both high quality photo printing as well as quick reliable workhorse printing.

Trying to get by on a single ink-jet just was not cutting it anymore. Additionally I just got fed up of all the issues every ink jet I have ever owned seems to have. As a result I added a Lazer to our home line-up.

So if you are on the market, maybe this well help you out.

For high quality printing we use the Epson Artisan 837. DO NOT use this printer for card stock! It feeds regular paper or photo stock just fine, although it does sometime mess up and feed extra sheets. It is horrible with card stock and will cause bad jams. It is also costly with ink due to the number of different colors it uses.

What it does very well is some extremely high quality photo printing which is overall reliable. It does it quickly, had a touch screen, and just about every other bell and gadget you could want. The features I choose this for include:

-Ethernet wired
-USB Stick reader & Flash Card readers
-Scanner both as flatbed and feed
-hi quality and speed
-Can print CD/DVD media
-Touch Screen controls
-fax (yes, I use it as one)

Its a lot of features but be warned, it has the price-tag to go with it.

So the down side is it’s an ink-jet. It is going to have issues. Jams when you do not need them, nozzles clogging, you ran out of your last black before you placed an order or your backup is defective.

I recently had just such an issue when I had a half dozen eBay shipping labels to print.

This resulted in the decision to get a Lazer printer but I wanted to spend as littled as possible. It was a must as I couldn’t run into these situations and I needed a hard-core reliable machine. I looked at my must have features.

-hardwiered ethernet (Reliable)
-can print card stock since the Epson can’t
-Scan and copy both as flatbed or fed

I wanted to put color for card stock purposes on that list but needed to keep this on the inexpensive side.

Unfortunately I quickly found out that adding the above features together quickly added up in cost to the point that color was not much more. I added a bit more onto my budget to make sure I got a reliable piece of equipment but found one priced below the competitions by Canon. I LOVE it!!!

I did end up needing to add another switch to the home network for both the printer and a VOIP I was adding. I ALWAYS buy this particular brand and model of Swithc. I am running a few of them in the house and have been for years, without ever having a single issue. Very rare occasions you need to reset them.

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