January 17 2017

Ultima Auction Spotlight – UV and UII

This Ultima V has a chance of making someone happy at a good price. IT does have a bit of a bidding war going though so don’t get carried away and go to high out of excitement! Snipe it at the last minute!

Currently at $22.50 with four bids. The shipping is not my preference, and I would personally contact the seller and ask “If I won this, would you switch to the economy?”.

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny by Origin Systems – Apple II (Untested)

Looking like a LOT of potential here but hard to say how it could go. Ultima II, free shipping, currently only at $61.00 with two bids. If I were now buying, I would be all over this one. I haven’t seen a UII listing quite this beautiful in terms of price potential in a while.

Rare 1984 Vintage APPLE II Computer Game ULTIMA II by Sierra

Personally, I would also be tempted to pick up these UII 3.5″. Currently free shipping, no bids, and at $19.99? Yeah, they had me at $19.99 and the photo!

1985 ATARI ULTIMA II 2 Game Computer RARE Floppy Disk SIERRA ON-LINE 520ST ST

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Posted January 17, 2017 by Sir Stile Teckel in category Ultima Auction Spotlight