July 1 2014

Ultima Underworld Franchise coming back

If yous a SotA fan you MAY be an Ultima fan as well. So while I am primarily about Shroud News and information, I do include some of the more compelling stuff regarding Ultima from time to time. This is one of those I felt needed to be done!

Otherside Entertainment has announced they are rebooting the Underworld Franchise. They are calling it Ultima Ascension! This should be cool. My concern is I won’t make time for it as ill be neck deep in SotA by then.. but hey, maybe I can squeeze it in when the servers are down. It happens!

Home – OtherSide Entertainment.

Welcome to OtherSide Entertainment! We’re a brand new game studio focused on rebooting classic game franchises. For our first title we’re bringing back the classic Ultima™ Underworld franchise, which we’re calling Underworld Ascension™. Our team include some of the folks who created the original franchise. When we made the original we looked to redefine the fantasy RPG genre. With the reboot we’re going right back to innovating, and our goal is to make the franchise more vital than ever. We are just getting started so little to see as yet, but rest assured, in the weeks to come we will be showing more and more. In the mean time we’d love to hear from you, because as fans you are an essential part of this franchise. Hit us up on Twitter @otherside_games and let us know what you loved about the Underworlds. Stay tuned here for updates and news.

–Paul Neurath, Founder


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