June 24 2016

Geek Recommendations From Stile Teckel, Fun For The Weekend

A Game recommendation from Stile’s Basement:
So many great games, what to spotlight next? Let’s go with a card game this time. This particular one, while residing in my basement, is one that belongs to the wife. She picked it up at a convention, we liked it and have since picked up many expansions for it.


Killer Bunnies is a game that is fun for two people up to many. I have primarily played it with just my wife and I although we have also introduced it to a lot of individuals. It’s easy to learn, and anytime you want to mix it up more, you can get another expansion. There are an LOT of expansions!

You can get it here on Amazon, though, this is the starter kit. If you scroll down, you will see expansions galore! I recommend just starting out with the starter set. Maybe one or two expansions at most. It can get confusing quick if you add a lot at once!


Prefer a movie this weekend? Here is a must watch if you want uber geek cred!

Want to lay in bed with a good book instead? Be sure to read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, if you never have. If you enjoy it, there are additional books in the series.

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