October 20 2014

Writers of the Round table call-out for help in R11

Writers of the round table is putting together an event in game, and they can use your help!

They want to obtain some land, a house, and create an in-game bookstore! Sounds pertty cool to me.. So how can you help? Gold, materials, crafting, and more! Head on over to the forum and take a look at the details. Not really interested in lending a hand? Drop by the store, sit down and have a cup of coffee and read your favorite book (You will of course have to use your imagination until game items and mechanics catch up completely!).

In celebration of the recent launch of the SotA Round Table, we are inviting all those interested to help us set up our first in- game bookstore!

As both Womby and I are pretty new at this, we are starting with a simple event. More events will follow with a book/publishing theme in later releases.

Here are the details and how you can help!

Womby will be working on securing the resources to acquire a house quickly. We are hoping for a town-sized home in Owl’s Head. Once that is acquired, we will post where the house is in this thread, and you can stop by and help us decorate. There are no particular requirements or time as to when this happens as long as we end up with a good looking bookstore!

You can help by collecting resources to craft and purchase items that will decorate the store. We are looking to have:
– Bookshelves packed with books.
– Comfortable seating areas for people to read.
– Great decorations to make the environment warm and inviting.
– A counter to work on with a spot for a vendor.
– A separate room with materials for printing and space for the future printing presses.

If you are willing to help with any aspect of this please let us know to expect you below. You could help Womby acquire our shop location or drop by to decorate or contribute items. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Vyrin & Womby

Table with some Ankh Quills

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